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For a while now, Dubb’s been out there in the rap game ether. He’s the sort of guy that you’ve heard on a hundred mixtapes but never seen his name featured front and centre. He’s on The Game’s latest The Year of the Wolf and dropped a pretty solid mixtape earlier this year but considering he’s been going hard beneath the surface since 2004, he hasn’t exactly seen great returns on his efforts.

He just dropped Don’t Wanna See Heaven, a standalone track on Soundcloud under SCB Promotions and while he’s been consistently delivering pretty good bars for the last few years, this is his first track of his that makes me want to hear a fully stocked studio release from the dude. I mean, The Departure was p. good, but it still felt more like an EP than an album.

Seriously Dubb, you’re ten years into your career. We wanna see you do something that gets its own Wikipedia page.

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