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Not so long ago, it was uncommon to find people who listened to a range of music genres. You were either a hip-hop head, new romantic, punk, beatnik, etcetera. What musical tribe you belonged to dictated what you wore, the lifestyle you led, who your ‘enemies’ were. Think mods versus punks, and so on.

Back to the present, and it’s not uncommon for you to see skate rats listening to punk and house, metalheads digging hip-hop. It’s a musical free-for-all which has allowed more cross-genre pollination, and a whole host of exciting things for music.

This is obviously not a brand new development, and I’m not trying to revolutionise your world with my musings, but it’s exactly for this reason that the new release from Erick the Architect of Flatbush Zombies has made my day, and brought about this happy reflection about the evolution of music. ‘Love Shawty’ is a beautiful, bouncy deep house(ish) beat with Trick Daddy’s ‘Shut Up’ sampled in the vocals.

It’s a new tune from his impending Arcstrumentals Vol. 1 mixtape which should be released soon.