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Jasper Patterson aka Groundislava is like the quiet achiever of LA’s WEDIDIT crew; not always causing too much of a buzz, but always delivering something exceptionally his own. Last year saw Patterson release Frozen Throne, a cyberpunk concept album detailing a love story between a lowlife and a woman who only exists inside a virtual reality.

With a new EP on the horizon, Patterson today dropped ‘Flatline’; a repetitive R&B epic that sees a move away from jaunty house and back into darker, ferociously emotive R&B territory. Erik Hassle’s cyclical, tear-jerking vocals drive the track to a conclusion that sounds like a colder, cleaner version of something that might have appeared on Shlohmo‘s last album.

Patterson has stated that ‘Flatline’ sits somewhere between his work on Frozen Throne and the music he is preparing for his next EP due sometime this year. Listen to ‘Flatline’ below.

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