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Listen- Heading to Future Music Festival 2014? You owe it to yourself to check out some of these acts

In case you lost your memo, Future Music Festival is sweeping across our shores throughout March. It brings with it a gigantic lineup that’s guaranteed to provide the country with some much-needed festival vibes, before inevitably leaving a cruel trail of post-festival depression in its wake. Future have delivered their most expansive bill to date with its mammoth-sized roster roughly the same size as Pharrell’s ubiquitous Vivienne Westwood hat. There’s 10 stages of action, and, with so much happening, we thought we’d step in and give you our choice words of advice. These are our top three picks that we highly recommend you drop whatever you’re doing and go see – even if that means ditching your friends. Because we totally control you, and stuff.



Photography by Martin C. Pariseau.

Here at ACCLAIM headquarters, we make it no secret that we’re stanning for 21-year-old Haitian-born wunderkind Kaytranada. It’s strange to think that the producer, real name Kevin Celestin, made his first traceable online footprint just a little over a year ago under the since-altered monicker of Kaytradamus with his bootleg mix of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’. Flash forward to 2k14, and Kaytranada has worked with Disclosure and has put his spliced R&B touch on everyone from Danny Brown to Azealia Banks – and, without fail, it has all turned into internet gold. Wondering what the live experience is like? Last year we interviewed Kay over McDonalds and he told us that “it’s going hypnotise you and make you fucking dance.” AKA exactly what you need when you’re at a festival.



One of the most prolific names on the Future bill, thanks of course to the unintentional meme-ification of Harlem ShakeBaauer gets our vote because we’ve stalked enough of his sets online to know that he’ll satisfy our desire to get plurnt. With one of the most instantly-recognisable back catalogues on the lineup – Infinite DapsDum DumHigher, et al, all more bombastic than the last – we’re pinning Baauer to have one of the biggest crowd reactions on the day. He clashes with Macklemore, which might cause moral dilemmas for some, but you’ll be finding us front row for this guy.



If you don’t think you’ve heard French producer Gesaffelstein before, you’re probably wrong. You’re looking at Mike Lévy, the mastermind who was hand-picked by Kanye to sit at the helm of production for Yeezus – in other words, the man largely responsible for the record’s backdrop of grinding, heavy-duty industrial beats. When you listen to Lévy’s acclaimed solo album Aleph, also released last year, you’ll find his production style instantly reminiscent of his collaboration with Kanye. Lévy specialises in an electronic aesthetic that’s menacing and heavy, and his pared-back take on techno sounds like some kind of artillery. But don’t let this intimidate you, because Gessafelstein’s set just might be the most intense showing of the day and definitely shouldn’t be missed.

For the full lineup, set times and ticketing, head to Future Music Festival’s official website.