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Melbourne duo Kllo are finally chasing up their debut 2014 EP Cusp, and to celebrate the upcoming drop they just dropped a new single on SoundCloud. Coming off the sophomore EP Well Worn, which is set to arrive August 5, Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam have released the track ‘Bolide’ after being signed to Ghostly International and Different Recordings.

The lyrics are about “unconditional love”, as the duo shared their thoughts on the single which taps into the experience of “caring about the happiness of another person without any thought of what we might get for ourselves. The ones we love can have a tendency to react to things unfairly and blow situations way out of proportion, but we love them just the same.”

The track itself is super mellow and links in well the Melbourne vibes that feature high-gloss hooks and a poppy and refined dance beat. Give it a listen and stay tuned for their upcoming EP release. You can also check out their tour dates below and RSVP here.

Thu 12/5 — Black Bear Lodge, BRISBANE – Tickets
Friday 13/5 : Plan B Small Club, SYDNEY – Tickets
Saturday 14/5 : The Toff in Town, MELBOURNE – Tickets



Weekly updates