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The monotony of everyday life tends to sneak up on its victims, slowly suffocating the soul until all that’s left is the zombified shell of a human, void of all desire to grab life by the balls. People can deal with this process in different ways: some choose to go out with a bang (think Kevin Spacey’s character in American Beauty or Walter White in Breaking Bad), which almost always ends badly for them. Meanwhile, others, like London’s uncle who “ingests 6 boxes of General Mills products and 12 hours of television” every Sunday, simply go with the flow of things.

Newcomer London O’Connor, a talented vocalist and producer, has managed to perfectly encapsulate this dilemma with ‘Oatmeal’, a larger-than-life electro-rap experiment that manages to simultaneously fill listeners with the desire to slit their wrists and take over the world. Instead of following the likes of Lorde or HAIM and turning his massive self-produced electronic hook into an uplifting pop chorus, London tests to see if anyone is even listening anymore as he mumbles out something that you’d expect Earl Sweatshirt to hum on his way to school back in the day.

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