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Listen: Lupe Fiasco remixes SZA’s ‘Babylon’

Is this the first taste of a new album?

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Lupe Fiasco has a big year ahead of him if he’s going to keep to his word and release three full-length albums in 2016. The rapper took to Twitter, announcing the names of his next three albums: Drogas, Skulls, and Roy. We’re already a quarter into 2016 and we’re yet to see an album. Although, he’s definitely made a start to the many songs yet to come. He recently released a new track ‘Bone’, whose beat was borrowed from SZA’s 2014 single ‘Babylon’. His approach isn’t as melodic as SZA’s version but he certainly does kill it, rapping about women being too obsessed with their image, and not respecting themselves. Check it out for yourself below and let the hype of new albums begin.



  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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