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Sydney musician Marcus Whale has just dropped ‘Vapour’, which will feature on his forthcoming album Inland Sea.

In the creation of this album, Whale draws a comparison between Australia’s history and his own search for identity. The imagery of the sea and the harrowing, dark sounds evoke a deep reflection on human consciousness, as “we’re all made of water”, and the connection between self-identity and the past.

On his Facebook page, Whale states that the new album is about “expressing queerness… inherently folded in the idea of queer future, this hopefulness, throwing a gaze out beyond”. The dream-like intensity of ‘Vapour’ asks its listeners to submerge themselves into the calm, industrial sounds to envision a utopia that looks beyond the constraints of society today.

Inland Sea will be released on June 10. Listen to ‘Vapour’ below.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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