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It’s been almost a year since the seemingly ridiculous campaign to create an entire Run The Jewels album from cat sounds kicked off but it looks like our dreams are about to come true. Following a teaser clip released at the beginning of this year, we are finally gifted with a full track from the upcoming Meow The Jewels project. Premiered (as we’re anticipating most things will be from now on) on the RTJ Beats 1 radio show, ‘Meowrly’ is a re-up of the Run The Jewels 2 track ‘Early’ and features the same production talents of BOOTS. As weird as the concept may seem, it actually works–it may even convince your own cat to come chill with you for a whole three minutes–and we can’t wait to hear the whole, feline-inspired album. Stream ‘Meowrly’ below (we’ve also included the original, for comparison’s sake, in the gallery above).

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