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SOPHIE is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a future pop CGI plastic wrap sheen. He’s currently finishing up a small North American tour which is selling out like crazy and features a dream team of support acts (Flume, The Range, Panda Bear and more. How even?).

The UK producer is now expanding his repertoire into new team-up QT, a split-effort with ‘PC music’ producer A. G. Cook. The debut single is Hey QT which, despite the split contribution, still sounds a hell of a lot like another SOPHIE song (not a bad thing). It’s a k-pop fever dream with a slo trap beat that sticks around in your head well after the four-minute mark. Almost everyone agrees except for the internet’s biggest music nerd Anthony Fantana who remarked on the YouTube release “Isn’t this a chipmunked version of a song we’d otherwise shrug our shoulders at?”. Maybe it is but if that’s the case, let’s go out and chipmunk everything because this sounds tight.

We found out about SOPHIE last year when his two track debut dropped on Numbers records and he’s been an elusive figure ever since with a stand-in performing his set at Berlin’s Boiler Room and his penchant for heavy use of thematic imagery without context (look at his Soundcloud if you don’t believe). This feels like it’s ramping up to some kind of reveal, let’s hope it’s interesting.


Listen: SOPHIE – ‘Hard’