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RiFF RAFF could’ve played for the Seahawks, the Pistons, the Raiders, or the Bluejays but instead he’s playing he’s playing the rap game.

Mr. Highroller let his new song ‘Rookies of the Future’ slip on DJ Skee’s Dash radio last night and it features Action Bronson with Alchemist on the boards. This came hours after he tweeted he’d have a new song called ‘Blue Jays’ with Drake and Justin Bieber.

After his song with Katy Perry this wouldn’t have been too far-fetched, albeit a huge power-move. But given the hook and this tweet:

It seems like the Drizzy and Biebs features were some RiFF RAFF–grade promotional trolling for his new Canada-centric track that has been widely credited as being ‘Rookies of the Future’. The track has an identity crisis but it has all the wordplay flourishes you can expect from the ‘rap game Eric Clapton’.

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