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Weekly updates

Here are the things we think we know about Spooky Black: he’s young, white, rarely photographed without a durag and he layers his reverby tenor over piano- and guitar-led, trap-inflected instrumentals.

And this is all we may know for quite some time, as he flat-out doesn’t do interviews. In fact, by refusing to do interviews (believe us – we’ve tried, plenty of times) Spooky Black has made himself totally ubiquitous in the music blogosphere.

Despite being a certified buzz artist, there’s nothing about Spooky Black’s music that’s necessary fun. What it is, however, is emotive, distant, deft, heavy, inviting, alienating, raw and smooth as fuck.

Spooky Black’s whole thing is so outlandish that by the time you get to the Leaving EP’s closer, bonus track ‘DJ Khaled is My Father’, you’ll start to wonder if somehow that statement could actually be true.