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Weekly updates

We’re still waiting for Tkay Maidza to truly blow up. In a popularity cycle where ‘do-what-I-want’ anthem raps are surging again, it seems like the ideal time for Maidza’s brat rap stylings to get way more play time.


Her latest joint Finish Them feels like an on-point throwback with a beat that sounds like Lil Mama’s Lip Gloss got sped up by Major Lazer and thrown down by Missy Elliott

Tkay has put a nifty collection of singles out over the last 12 months, racking up some good stats on Soundcloud and Unearthed as well as getting stage presence at a handful of Aus festivals. She hasn’t announced an album yet but the Acclaim office is mad keen to blare an EP’s worth of her sass laden stylings.

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