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Weekly updates

The first time I saw UV  b o i فوق بنفسجي doing his thing live I was pleasantly surprised. Prior to that show I had grown used to being disappointed by seemingly eccentric internet-gen producers who shatter their carefully crafted online-aesthetic by showing up to live sets rocking earth-tone v-necks and standing completely still.

At his very first Melbourne show, UV b o i فوق بنفسجي instantly proved he was legit when he marched onto stage wearing the greatest du-rag of all time and was easily the best dancer in the room. The highlight though, was when he grabbed the mic and jokingly spat a perfectly-timed three or four rhymes before stumbling over in laughter. There was no doubt that at that very moment every single emoji-boy/girl in the room had the exact same thought – why doesn’t he actually rap?

Well now he does. Yesterday he released ‘Paint a Perfect Picture’, the first track under his Captain Murphy-esque alter-ego… Perfect Picture. The track, which is built on a strong foundation of his trademark playful yet in-your-face production-stylings features a sincere sprawl of subdued Aussie-inflected rap vocals.

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