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Weekly updates

Brisbane-based bass bending producer UV  b o i فوق بنفسجي just turned 19 and to celebrate, he’s showering his fans with a collection of unreleased ear pleasing soundwaves. If you need just one example of the excellent standard this compilation sets, it features possibly the best remix of Ur Boi Bangs’ ‘Take U To Da Movies‘ I’ve ever heard. I never thought I’d want to hear anything by Bangs while enjoying a night out trapping it up in some club, but now I do. I really do.

We’re still waiting on his EP L-UV to drop. It’s said to release sometime in 2015, so it shouldn’t be too far away (we hope). Luckily we have these nine tracks to give our ears all that fix they need till then. Take a listen to Unreleased UV boi collection 2014 in the gallery above. Be prepared to start involuntarily doing trap hands.

Jarman Cutrona

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