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Weekly updates

Besides having a title that sounds like an object of desire in a particularly uninspired Marvel story arc, the latest offering from the Smith progeny isn’t half bad. In fact, as I was typing that, I caught myself doing a little shoulder-swivel head-nod dance and that’s generally my secret sign that something’s worth getting into.

Granted, the Smiths are an endless fountain of content and soundbites worthy of ridicule but as I have implied before (In almost this exact scenario), an unlikable public persona shouldn’t get in the way of appreciating a person’s creative outputs when they are valid efforts.

The tracks are fairly short with ‘H E A R T’ easily being the best of the three and, after realising they’re produced by Chaotic and not Willow herself, I’m wondering the degree to her influence on the final product but all the same, it’s a nice cluster of easy vibes to usher in your Sunday afternoon.

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