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As if Mac DeMarco couldn’t get any more loveable… I mean, remember when he told Laneway Festival’s organisers that they can only book him to play if his mum can come too? And then they one-upped him by saying she has to MC. Yes, very cute.

Anyway, now you can buy your favourite blue-wave singer’s (signed) Vans on eBay for a cool $11,000 or more, with all proceeds heading straight for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. You have just under 5 days to try and claim your prize. I know what you’re thinking though — those shoes look old and smelly. Never fear, DeMarco’s girlfriend Kiera gave them a smell test and she says they’re fine.

*UPDATE* – My boy Mac just sold the shoes for an impressive $21,000 with all money going to charity. Props.

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