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Weekly updates

She’s collaborated with ACCLAIM cover stars RiFF RAFF and Chippy Nonstop; she’s penned an essay on (ACCLAIM cover star) Danny Brown; she’s weathered some of the internet’s grottiest abuse for having the audacity to rap while being a woman.

She’s Kitty (née Pryde) and her career’s taken a bit of a left turn with the release of the Frostbite EP – an unrepentant hit of dance-pop informed by the early noughties and hyperglycaemia.

For this latest release Kitty has teamed up with some new collaborators, including Guy Akimoto (associate of polarising UK collective PC Music) and PinkiePieSwear (aka Matt R, aka a prolific producer of My Little Pony remixes). It’s bold, it’s new, it’s been assailing the iTunes charts, and you can stream it below. Check out our Q&A with the artist while you’re at it.

My name is… the Lady Kathryn-Leigh, the Grand Duchess of Bass. Most people call me Kitty though.

My latest project is called… Frostbite.

I would describe it with these three words… sparkly, empowering, charming.

I was inspired by… 2002, Deadmau5, My Little Pony, feminism.

I collaborated with… Matt R (PinkiePieSwear), Friendly Ghost, Guy Akimoto.

I couldn’t have finished it without… Ableton, my closet-studio, Nathan Ritholz, maple lattes.

I like to create things because… I hope to inspire and empower other people who have gone through the same things I have and let them know they’re not alone.

One thing people may not know about this project is that… it was written and recorded entirely inside of the extra closet where I keep my art supplies and fluffy dresses.

By working on this project, I learned… that experimenting with new things is the only way to figure out what you like to do.

The project took this many years off my life… none… In fact I think it added at least 10.

You can buy the Frostbite EP on Bandcamp.