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Weekly updates

Say what you want about Winter (“Somebody kill me”, “Anyone got some fucking paw paw cream?” “I’d even consider moving to Sydney right now”) but there is something kinda charming about going to a good live gig and wilding out in the warmth of fellow humans when it’s wet, rainy and miserable outside.

Case in point: Tomorrow night Laundry Bar in Melbourne will be playing host to Brooklyn’s MeLo-X. MeLo-X is a master of the MPC, incorporating kaleidoscopic influences from Eminem to Nirvana, from Picasso to Moses, from the sweet scent of Jamaican mango trees to the pungent stenches of dark New York City corners – fusing soul, electronic hip hop, old school reggae and much more, one thing’s for sure, it will be a party. Peeps some of the vids above. Download his free mixtape: In the Mind of Melo here. And buy tickets to the gig here