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Melbourne-born start-up are creating headphones that listen to you

Rediscover the music you love with Nura's new standard in sound engineering

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With all the time we spend listening through our headphones, it is about time they started listening back. The Melbourne crew from Nura have designed headphones that utilise soundwave technology to measure how you hear and then customise sound levels to suit your ears, all within 30 seconds. Nura will then be able to recognise your ears instantly, featuring technology that allows a number of profiles to be stored.

Nura boasts two-way noise isolation and double speaker drivers, with one over the ear for a deep bass and one in ear bud for clarity of notes, so no matter your surroundings it will feel like just you and the music. Which is just the way we want it, if we’re being honest.

The project went live on Kickstarter in May and has since far exceeded its goal of $100 000, with almost $1 million pledged and over 4000 backers. The headphones are set to retail at $399 but before July 15 you still have a chance to pledge a minimum of $219 on Kickstarter and receive a pair for yourself in April 2017. We know it’s a long wait but sounds as if it will be more than worth it, especially when you’re a sardine on the tram trying to listen to ‘Gin and Juice’.

Check them out in action at Berlin Music Tech Fest below.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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