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Melodownz Guide to the New Zealand Music Scene

With his new track 'Fine' popping off, the Denzel Curry collaborator gives us his picks of NZ talent.

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Between winning prestigious awards, performing on Colors Live, and enlisting Florida rapper Denzel Curry for his track ‘No Mercy‘, West Auckland’s Melowdownz has been on a roll lately.

He’s just dropped a new single called ‘Fine’ which is the dose of the good vibes we all need at the moment. Speaking on the track, Melo reveals that it was actually inspired by a time when he wasn’t feeling his best at all, stating When I wrote this song I was going through a really rough patch. I kept telling myself these affirmations in my head, “I’m fine, no trouble on my mind” to help me get through. I wasn’t feeling fine at all, in fact rather the opposite, but making this song helped me with what I was dealing with. And I hope it does the same for the listener.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Fine’, we asked Melowdowz to give his co-sign to a few New Zealand artists that he’s been feeling lately, check the list below.

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01. Ranui Marz

I first met this young king when I was a judge for a high school poetry slam a few years back. Since then, I’ve watched him grow into the artist and street poet he is today, a refreshing young voice for the hood. He legit reminds me of a Polynesian Tupac, you can hear the struggle and intention in his voice. His words and flows are authentic and he raps from the heart. Attached is my favourite song of his and you’ll know exactly what I mean after listening.

02. Shiraz & LSJ

Like Ranui Marz, I met these dudes when they were still in high school. We were all part of a local collective hub called The Grow Room located in the heart of K Road (Karangahape Rd) a couple of years back and this is where I first got to hear their music. LSJ’s beats are very distinctive, soulful and nostalgic. Shiraz’s witty flows and effortless raps and melodies are easy listening and when you combine the two as Shiraz and LSJ, no one is touching their sound or style of hip-hop.

03. Paige

I love Paige and her whole aesthetic. I’m lowkey one of her biggest fans and could legit listen to her sing on her guitar for a lifetime. She’s got a cool vibe about her and I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon before she blows up. Mark these words. Billie Eilish even gave her the co-sign,  c’mawwwn!

04. Diggy Dupé

I tried not to pick any of the homies from my circle but it’s hard not to when they just dropped the hardest body of work to come out of NZ in recent times. One of the hardest rappers to come outta NZ and everyone’s about to find out why real soon. If you’re late to the party, start with ‘Keke Boy’.

05. Shepherds Reign

These Usos are the first Polynesian metal group and their latest song/video titled ‘Le Manu’ just hit over 1 million views. They fuse traditional metal with Samoan and Polynesian traits and language which I don’t think has ever been done before apart from when Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. were popping off. They are very unique, I’m so happy for them blowing up in Europe and Canada.