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Weekly updates

I must admit, I love Miguel. But despite his high hair, high fashion and fine art tendencies, this dude seems to be making headlines for some bad ass reasons lately. You will probably recall the unfortunate ‘fly-kicking a fan’ incident at the last Billboard Music Awards and now the “How Many Drinks” singer has allegedly (and ironically) been caught out, driving under the influence in LA.

Always first on the scene (URL and IRL, apparently), TMZ reports the singer was pulled over by the cops in the early hours of Thursday morning for speeding and tinted windows but was breathalised after they noticed the smell of alcohol. Failing the test, Miguel (government name Miguel Jontel Pimentel) was arrested and booked but was released shortly after, on $5000 bail. The TMZ video, above, apparently shows him being questioned by police. A court appearance is scheduled for September, with no official word from the singer yet.