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“I listened to them before they were cool” – the timeless words spoken by every music wanker and anyone who thinks fancies themselves as a musical taste maker.

Now you can actually prove you listened to them first with the new Spotify app, Found Them First. Basically, the app uses your Spotify play history to find the first time you played an artist before they became popular.

However, the app only considers artists who have reached 20 million streams or a growth rate of 2,000% in number of plays between January 2013 and June this year, and it will only tell you if you were one of the first 15% of people to listen. Some artists like James Bay have even created video messages to thank their listeners.

My results revealed that I was in the first 1% to listen to ZHU and Major Lazer, as well as (embarrassingly) the first 4% to listen to Iggy Azalea. While this data is meaningless without someone to brag about it to, I would be lying if I didn’t feel somehow validated by this, even if it is a just based on data.

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