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Weekly updates

Nothing’s come out of the N*E*R*D camp since their middling but completely listenable 2010 album Nothing. Chad got signed to Fool’s Gold with his DJ project Missile Command, Pharrell’s been kicking back on those Despicable Me 2 royalties and Shay’s been doing whatever Shay does when N*E*R*D isn’t recording.

Four years have passed since Hypnotize U and while performing at the iTunes music festival in the UK, Pharrell Williams brought out Shay to make a little announcement. “It feels good to be back in London. When we released our first album back in 2001 and first crossed the Atlantic, this was the first place to embrace us.” he said to the audience. “You’re gonna like this shit we’re gonna release.”

So we don’t have an exact confirmation of what’s happening, but it’s pretty close to definite Shay’s talking about an album and that makes us very happy. Very happy indeed.


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