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Following on from his hologram cameo at Rock The Bells this year, Ol’ Dirty Bastard will make another appearance, this time on the silver screen. Reports slate a new ODB documentary entitled Wu-Tang Dirty: Platinum Edition, will premiere on his birthday, November 15, during the NuHo Online Film Festival.

The New Hollywood Online Film Festival will launch its inaugural event on the same day, alongside a range of other independent films, which will be available to movie buffs worldwide via our favourite source of entertainment – the internet.

While there has been little news or promo leading up to this trailer (which is, admittedly, not as gangster as you would expect), it is apparently co-signed by AllHipHop.com and will also include a new album, New WU Generation. If this is all sounding new and confusing to you, you can head over to the official festival website for more info or to pre-order a copy of the film and album.