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No Money Enterprise: Becoming Their Best

The Logan City marauders return with the rapid-fire frenzies of ‘Back To Back’, and tell us why this single may be their best yet.

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No Money Enterprise’s music is motivation. They motivate you to dive into mosh pits, thanks to the explosive trap and drill mortars that make up their discography. They hype you up with their barrages of bars, as brothers Randy Svge and Tommy OT approach every line with hunger. They inspire you to be limitless, with vulnerable excerpts about their life growing up in Logan City and a versatile array of musical directions they take reminding you that you can do anything, and achieve everything. This is why their breakout hit ‘GERMAN’ sits at over 32 million streams on Spotify, and their latest drop ‘Back To Back’ is blasting onto playlists. 

‘Back To Back’ is a cut that sounds arena-ready. Grandiose synths sit over grimy 808s and drum patterns, creating the perfect backdrop for Randy and Tommy’s rapid-fire frenzies. You can hear elements of drill, trap, and Memphis hip-hop all throughout, but at the same time, it solidifies the unique versatility and skillset these South-East Queensland spitters bring to the Australian rap scene. To celebrate the single, No Money Enterprise talk us through their success thus far, and how they plan to “turn a notch up on the stove” in 2024.

Congratulations on the single guys. How do you feel about the release?
Thanks, we are stoked. It’s good to finally get the wheels moving and again and create some consistency for our fans. 

Describe what it was like putting this song together in the studio.
We recorded half of it at home; it was more of a “let’s put something down to get the creative juices flowing,” and then we ended up with this. So we hit up the boys James Angus and SHYY to work their magic on it. We’re stoked with the end result—better than what we started with. 

This song is another example of your versatility being limitless. What is the key to keep improving as artists?
You gotta be willing to take risks. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t, but you live and learn. If you play it too safe you’ll never grow as an artist. But that’s just our opinion. 

Your journey in music thus far has been a fast frenzy. How do you think you’ve grown over the past few years?
We’ve learnt a lot in the last few years. Being around the right people has given us a better understanding of the music industry. We came into this with no idea what we were doing now knowing why this is like that and why that is like this. 

What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned on your music journey?
You gotta be teachable. You gotta have the right people around you. Trust is the biggest one. You can’t build a solid team without having faith and trust in them.

You guys have said “We never started this journey with the thought of being where we are, but now that we’re here, the goal stays the same.” How do you make sure you stay true to yourself even in the whirlwinds of success?
We come from humble beginnings and a hard-working family. So it’d be out of character for us to act out if that makes sense. Money and a little bit of fame could never change us. I mean we are still living in the area. We are still doing the same things we did before all of this.

One of your goals is to continue to better yourself. How do you think music has helped you do this?
This journey has allowed us to be our own bosses—pretty much running our business. This is to keep building a bigger and better future for all of us.

Can you tell us about life growing up in Logan City?
Man growing up in Logan city, it’s the Beverly Hills of Queensland. You mention to people you are from Woodridge and watch them screw up their faces. I’m sure you already heard stories about what Logan city is about. The struggle and the hustle is part of the culture. We aren’t one of the flashiest suburbs or richest ones in QLD but we are rich in family and culture and that’s all that you need.

Who are some upcoming artists we should check out from Logan City?
There’s a ton of artists out of Logan City you should keep an eye out for like Bently, Redback, Ty, BLOCBABYZ, KZ Da Bandit and many many more.

You guys have said that you have to ‘turn a notch up on the stove’ in 2024. What can fans expect from you guys throughout the year?
We’ve got more music on the way, EPs lined up, and a headline tour in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.

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