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As if Donald Trump running for president of the United States of America wasn’t a big enough joke in itself, a President Obama impersonator has created a hilarious diss track to the Republican candidate titled ‘Back to Back’.

Iman Crosson aka Alphacat is known for his comedic impressions of Barack Obama, and took inspiration from Drake’s beef with Meek Mill earlier in July to release the appropriately titled diss. Alphacat makes a comprehensive mockery of Trump’s credentials for the top job, and targets him from everything from his tan to his ongoing feud with Mexican drug baron ‘El Chapo’. At the end of the video there is even a clip of Alphacat meeting Obama for real, and the president’s reaction to the impersonator is priceless. You can take a look at ‘Back to Back’ in the photo gallery above.

Luke Karakas

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