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Weekly updates

Occasionally, Odd Future are too damn weird. It’s rare you see a group of people have so much money while maintaining such a high level of abstraction in how they do things. From pitching products that don’t actually exist to chopping and screwing their name to the point of complete obscurity (Wolf Gang – Golf Wang – Flog Gnaw – Flognaw), they seem to be completely indiscriminate in how they develop entrepreneurial schemes. So hey, when you’re odd, rich and already making apparel, music and festivals, why NOT just go full force and start giving away cars?

The BMW 325iX is kitted out in OFWG decor including possessed kitty decals on the seats and a shitload of acid puke green and red. How do you enter? Simply attend their upcoming Camp Flog Gnaw on November 8. All attendants automatically enter the raffle.

The promo has a distinct Loiter Squad/Tim and Eric feel to it and I’m pretty sure filming it in overly-real 720p60 was an decision made with the intent to make you feel seasick. Thanks guys. I just want FLOG in silver letters on my boot door. Is that too much to ask?

Wore Molf Gang

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