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Odd Future is one of the most┬áproudly divisive rap groups/musical collectives currently still in the business of making music. The abrasiveness of their stage personas, forward thinking constructs in their beatmaking and hipster-approved elements of their entrepreneurialism (‘like I ain’t make a quarter million off of socks’) means that anyone who’s heard of them has a very distinct opinion about them.

One thing no one can fault them on is how enthusiastic they are about their scene, even the always disillusi Earl Sweatshirt cares about what he’s involved in. From running their own music festival, setting up shops in their Los Angeles haunts or supporting unknown artists with food oriented names, OF clearly care about the shape of rap to come (and how to make a stray dollar out of it).

Their latest expansive move is their own damn radio station playing their favourite cuts, tracks by friends and some of their members’ choice singles. Hosted on online radio platform DASH Radio, ACCLAIM listened to Odd Future radio and it’s…pretty solid, actually.

It runs online and through a free app so give it a listen and let us know what you think. DASH Radio was launched in August by DJ Skee and it hosts a pretty excellent range of curated channels but this is the first listing moderated by an artist who isn’t Skee. Check the service out here.


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