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You know what they say, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ATL MC OG Maco might be teaching his fans this lesson the hard way. Or he could be stealing thousands of dollars off them after selling features on Twitter.

This all started back in April when he tweeted he would feature on any track for a $1000 fee:

My birthday is on Apr 23 and as a gift to everyone , I’m doing $1000 features until then!!!! Email [email protected] NO PAYPAL!

— OG Maco (@OGMaco) April 19, 2015

You know what else they say? Don’t buy shit from places that specifically say ‘NO PAYPAL’.

Moving forward to the present day, one client/fan posted to the Hiphopheads sub-reddit with a heartbreakingly earnest enquiry about when he could expect his verse after transferring funds via Western Union over a month ago.

Now, we aren’t about to go all-in over someone who just made several thousand dollars they could spend on suing us–plus Maco is probably way too busy to reply to every email he gets, let alone write a verse straight away, we’re just saying it wouldn’t be the first time a musician had used Western Union to scam their fans.

Here’s hoping he comes through.

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