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Since Droog dropped his 10 track EP on Soundcloud 2 months ago, there’s been a glut of rumours over his shady identity. Most people were sure it was the alter ego of legendary rapper Nas and it’s easy to see why. He has that same husky monotone that wraps itself seamlessly around the beats, the lyrics never slipping out of a song’s theme or indulging in non-sequiturs. Music nerds everywhere were sure it was part of something Nas had tried before with hastily obscured rap alter egos.

Well, no matter how right they sound, the rap geeks are wrong and Your Old Droog is showing you why. On episode one of his new Vlog “Just Rhymin’ With Skizz”, you see him up front and centre and chances are, even if you didn’t think he was Nas, he probably doesn’t look like what you were expecting.

Backed by DJ Skizz, Droog drops what might be a freestyle while a camera weaves drunkenly in and out of focus. The whole thing is the biggest don’t-give-a-fuck demasking we’ve seen in the game for a while. It comes out right as he announces a September 3 NYC live show. That’s going to be his debut performance so if you’re in that neck of the woods, it’d probably be worth checking out – This dude’s gonna blow up.


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