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One Day Break Down Their Top 5 Sets

The Australian rap supergroup turned party crew give us the rundown on their party highlights over the years.

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One Day are a music and events collective hailing from Sydney’s inner-west, comprised of music groups Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Joyride, and Jackie Onassis. As pioneering hip hop acts in Australia, they’ve been nominated for ARIA awards, toured extensively across Australia and overseas and played at major music festivals across the country.

Over the past few years, One Day have gained notoriety for their hip hop day-parties, which have grown from block parties in their hometown of Sydney into fully-fledged mini festival events, regularly taking over courtyards, carparks, beaches, breweries, and other outdoor spaces around the country.

We caught up with the crew, who gave us the rundown on some of their most memorable performances from One Day events over the years.

If you’re in Melbourne, you can catch One Day at The Penny Black on June 9 with Sophiegrophy, Yo Fasaw, and more.

01. Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals at One Day Only - Sydney, November 2015

The idea to bring Anderson Paak out to Australia for the first time was born when Remi played me ‘Suede’ for the first time as we sat in my backyard in Redfern smoking weed. It was 2015 and we were planning One Day Only, the mini-festival version of our monthly One Day Sundays block party, which involved us taking out a bank loan to finance it (fun fact—the bank manager who approved our loan ended up getting too lit at the festival and got kicked out.) Adit, the brains of our crew, reached out to Paak’s people and made it happen.

This was pre-Malibu, long before he got any Triple J love and became an Australian festival favourite, but his masterful performance at Manning Bar in November 2015 was legendary. As .Paak & the Free Nationals tore down their headline set, it was clear to everybody in that room that we were witnessing a maestro at work, a genuine superstar in the making. AP further cemented his legend status by stopping for photos and a conversation with anyone who approached him and kicking on at our office above the Lord Gladstone until the wee hours.

Photography: Averie Cole

02. P-Money at The Vic, Sydney - October 2014

Anyone who was attending the early One Day Sundays parties at The Vic in Marrickville should remember them for the fun, wild, diverse, and usually out of control affairs that they were. It was a really unifying moment for Sydney at that time, word was spreading about these free entry monthly block parties that attracted people from all over Sydney. Almost every month, someone would play Scribe’s ‘Not Many (Remix)’ and the entire venue would erupt, it became a de facto anthem for One Day Sundays. It was only right that we booked P-Money himself to DJ at our party, and when the NZ legend dropped the anthem during his set, people went crazy. (Fun fact—our initial idea was to book Scribe to perform ‘The Crusader’ in full at One Day Only, but he wasn’t able to leave NZ for tax reasons, spewin.)

Photography: Averie Cole

03. Kaiit at Better Daze - April 2019

After taking a break from hometown parties, we made a return in April this year with Better Daze, a day party at a tree-lined Portuguese community club in our initial stomping grounds of Marrickville. Headlining this party was Kaiit, the incredible 21-year old Melbourne singer currently capturing hearts and minds across the globe with her unique blend of soul, R&B and hip-hop. As a performer, Kaiit is warm, charismatic, and relatable. The love and adoration of the largely WOC crowd for Kaiit’s set was a beautiful sight—she represents an Australia that has been underrepresented for way too long. Kaiit is an undeniable talent, a hero for us all.

Photography: Cole Bennetts

04. Manu Crooks at WAVY - November 2018

WAVY, Australia’s first ever hip-hop beach festival which we held in Fremantle last year, was a big moment for us. Manu Crooks has long been one of our favourite local acts, and in many ways embodies the coming together of local and international hip hop influences which our One Day Sundays has been built on and also helped encourage.

Our Perth parties have been super poppin’ for the past few years, and when Manu and Ziggy pulled up at WAVY and surveyed several thousand people grooving on a beautiful Fremantle beach, they couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. As expected, Manu shut it down and proved why he’s been leading the charge for the new generation of rap coming out of this country.

Photography: Matsu

05. Hermitude at One Day Sundays - February 2015

After two years of free and increasingly loose block parties, One Day Sundays had grown to the point where we had to upgrade venues to The Factory Theatre. People often talk about this era of our parties starting to feel more like a festival event than a block party at their local pub, and I can see where they’re coming from. One of the first parties we held at The Factory was headlined by our boys Hermitude, who are close family of our crew and longtime fans of One Day Sundays. Of course, we couldn’t bill them as Hermitude because we’re not caking like that, but the El Gusto and Luke Dubs DJ set was one for the ages.

Photography: Cole Bennetts