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Outkast member Big Boi recently appeared on ESPN’s ‘The Dan LeBatard Show’, where he mentioned that Outkast were once asked to be the musical act during the highly-televised Superbowl half-time show. Most interestingly, he suggested this all went down in 2004, the same year that introduced us all to Janet Jackson’s now-infamous nipple. Outkast were asked to play shortened versions of ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Hey Ya!’ but André 3000 didn’t want to compromise.

“Dré didn’t wanna split the songs up, he didn’t wanna cut the songs, he wanted to play both songs, so he was like ‘Y’all can’t do it.’ He wanted to perform both songs in full and they didn’t give us enough time to do it, so we passed.”

Perhaps if Outkast agreed to cut their songs short, then Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake would have never had to deal with the famous wardrobe malfunction. Not that we’re really complaining about it. You can listen to Big Boi’s full chat here.

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