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Photo recap: Meredith Music Festival 2017

Anyone else get their campsite raided for nangs?

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The strength of Meredith Music Festival lies in its consistency. With a legacy spanning across the last 25-years, punters know what they’re signing up for: familiar campsites, lush green grass, communal couches, sausage sizzles on shitty white bread, and the dank but environmentally conscious compost loos.

Meredith 2017 delivered on its staple choice of eclectic programming from the ratchet punk band Amyl and the Sniffers to the legacy of ESG, from downtuned saxophones and wailing guitars of Total Control to the sass of Miss Blanks and her dancers. A mix of country meets city folk sentiments make up the community of Meredith, which can sometimes be polarising in the real world but in The Sup, it all seemed pretty PC.

Highlights include hearing the clean up song of 2016 (‘Inspector Norse’ by Todd Terje) being played live by the man himself, the e-bike doof stick, wild tales of police squads raiding campsites in search of nangs, and the entire festival breaking into a karaoke sing along to Kylie Minogue’s 2002 smash hit ‘Love at First Sight’.

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