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Pistol Pete & Enzo Run the Ball Up With ‘Halftime’

The Campbelltown heavy-hitters have announced a new EP with Biordi Music.

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Pistol Pete and Enzo’s ties are much thicker than just being blood brothers. As Australia’s most hard-hitting Polynesian rap duo, they’ve held South-West Sydney on their backs while enforcing a lyrical bar that remains at the height of the scene down-under.

“We started rapping when we were young, around thirteen or fourteen,” explains Enzo. “We grew up listening to and loving rap music. We’re passionate about it. We don’t just do it for the name.” 

The prolific rappers have flexed a diverse catalogue of underground Australian hip-hop classics, from old-school boom-bap style flows to aggressive drillings, both Pistol Pete and Enzo keep the competition guessing. 

“We started taking it seriously with video clips about five years ago in 2015, back then there wasn’t a scene for area boys or poly boys, there were a few OG’s before us but for our generation we were the first to take it to where we took the music.”

Pistol Pete and Enzo have just released the Halftime interlude from their upcoming EP. “Don’t wanna give any spoilers but we put all our interludes together strategically, a lot of thought went into them.” The message is clear, the brothers have been representing the scene and the streets for a minute. But the next phase of their career, the recent signing with Sydney record label Biordi Music, is generating a cut-throat energy.

“Second half we’ll play smart, but still stay hood,” spits Pistol Pete. “Second half I want to see everyone’s heart left on the field. And if you’re not taking part, just know it’s kill or be killed.”

Enzo often goes back to the places in his past for motivation. He wants to break his story down in a way his hood can get behind. “Footy is something we grew up doing and throughout the EP you will see how it all comes together. The project is pretty much a look into what we’ve been through. Telling our story and showing what life is like for us. But telling it in a creative way.”

For Pistol Pete it’s all about pride and representing the 2560, Campbelltown South West. “For us, the area is what shapes ya growing up; the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you act, and the boys you grow up with. It all plays a big part in a lot of us boys in the area, that’s why we take pride in where we’re from.” 

On Halftime, Pistol Pete wears his heart on his sleeve; “Just stick to the game land, we been doing this for years. We’re not number one, but we’re the ones that they fear. Been dreaming about this moment lad, I love you if we win or not. Win or not, I’m always plotting for the top. A lot of stress, a lot of pain, put it all up in the game.” 

When asked about his inspirations, he quips, “Family inspires us. Wanting more for the people who brought us up and for the people who raised us. And for the little ones that we go to work for every day. If anything, we want them to relate and feel something. Because when it hits ya, you’ll know.”

With rumours of an upcoming documentary on the horizon, Pistol Pete and Enzo plan to break down their past and shed light on the world that made them.

“We wanna tell our story right from the very start up until now. What people are clueless on, even our OG’s that started in music way before us. There’s a lot that’s in the shadows, it’s time we lit em up. Deuce Deuce.”

Pistol Pete and Enzo’s debut EP will be released in May 2021 via Biordi Music.

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