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Planet Giza’s Guide to the Montreal Music Scene

Fresh from releasing their new EP Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon, the Canadian trio give us their picks from the local scene.

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Planet Giza are a collective out of Montreal, Canada who have recently won us over with their new EP Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon. It’s a slick 6-track collection that sees the crew deliver some world class bars over a variety of sonic elements including funk, soul, disco and more. Comprised of Rami B, Tony Stone, and Dumix, the group’s music reflects their multicultural backgrounds of diverse sounds. Following their breakout in 2019. they have performed for London’s Clash Magazine, at Montreal’s International Jazz Festival, and had their music production featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon during a performance by GoldLink. They also just started their own digital radio station called Mellow Mellow Radio which has so far released two episodes with Kaytranada and Da-P as their first guests.

In celebration of the release of their newest project, we caught up with the crew from Planet Giza to get their picks of the best artists from the rich, multi-lingual Montreal music scene.

Stream Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon here and check out Planet Giza’s full list of picks below.

01. Planet Giza - Summer03 ft. Lou Phelps

One of our earlier songs with longtime collaborator and friend Lou Phelps. We had an interview with Vice right after the session. We actually knocked out the song in like 30 minutes and spent literally hours discussing the politics of music in Montreal for English artists especially. I remember at the time Lou had dealt with a lot more of it than us so it really kinda turned into his interview lmao big shout out to the

02. Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix)

You don’t need to be from Montreal to know that this is a legendary, classic song. Janet herself celebrated the anniversary of her song by posting this remix. The cool story we have behind this is that Rami was part of a Montreal collective called Alaiz at the time. During one of the sessions, Kaytra showed the other members the acapella to this song, claiming he didn’t really know what to do with it…Safe to say he found out what to do with it.

03. Rowjay - 10eme

Rowjay is a longtime friend of ours. We all started making music around the same time. For this classic song produced by DoomX, we all went to Paris to film this clip in the actual area Rowjay is referring to in the song (10eme). It took a very long time because the electricity kept cutting off during the shoot and the lights kept shutting off lmao. But nonetheless, the results were stellar.

04. Da-P - Deez

Da-P is one of the top producers in our city. This is one of our favourite beats that he made. We brought him on our Mellow Mellow radio show to dive into the creation of this beat and how he sampled a video game and chopped it up to end up with this fire result. Definitely a producer whos catalogue is worth through.

05. Es.Kay - End Of The World

Es.Kay is an OG when it comes to lyricists in the city. I remember hearing him rap for the first time and telling myself ‘’yeah, his pen is sharp’’. His raps even taught me new words such as ‘aloof’ lmao. This song was made during a session we had with him where we probably knocked out 5 other songs that same night. Produced by Rami.B with additional vocals by Tony. Accompanied by very dope visuals.