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PREMIERE: Sydney’s First K-Rap Crew 1300 Drop a Visual for ‘No Caller iD’

Founded in a garage in Sydney's West, 1300 subverts expectations of what a Korean rap group should be.

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Sydney probably isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a sick Korean rap group, but there isn’t a lot about 1300 that is ‘typical’. The five-member crew was formed in a garage in Sydney’s West by multi-talented friends Nerdie, Rako, PokariSweat, Goyo and Dali Hart and so far they’ve done nothing but impress. Back in January, the crew dropped a track called ‘Brr‘, which received attention from Korean rappers Paloalto and Lil Boi for its refreshing take on Korean rap.

Since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow-up release from 1300 and today the group returns with ‘No Caller iD’. The track is a bouncy dose of 1300 with each verse switching gears and allowing the boys to show off their versatile flows.

On ‘No Called iD’, 1300 told us “We tried to get funky with this track and give the listener a feeling they get when they hear something familiar but also alien at the same time. The music video is a wild ride through a filthy, Korean gangster-movie-esque world that flows with the song. It is gritty but light-hearted, and above all entertaining (we hope).”

Follow 1300 here for more and check out the video for ‘No Caller iD’ above.

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