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Weekly updates

We’re pleased to debut episode 1 of Pocket Full Of Dreams, a series of short vids from Melbourne-based hip-hop outfit, Diafrix.

Over the six short instalments, they explore their upbringing as African immigrants in Australia, their families back home, their formation and how these factors influenced their new album. Each episode features a new track from the upcoming sophomore album, most of which you’ll hear for the first time. It’s directed and edited by their long-time video collaborator Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore.

The first video covers the beginnings of Diafrix and their struggles in Melbourne’s inner west. Stay tuned in weeks to come as we debut the remaining five clips in the lead up to their album release this month.

Diafrix’s new album, Pocket Full Of Dreams, drops September 28th through Illusive. For more on the release and to pre-order, head to diafrix.com. The Pocket Full Of Dreams tour travels to Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle in October. Get the tour dates and info via Facebook.