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PREMIERE: Jaal Bares his Soul on ‘Fiji’

The Melbourne artist delivers a slick new visual from his latest project ‘Trinity’.

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Following a string of releases in 2020, South-East Melbourne rapper Jaal has been steadily growing a following in his city with projects like El Negro and PARADOX. Returning in 2021, the young artist has recently blessed us with his latest EP Trinity, a 3-track project featuring the single ‘Fiji’, which comes today with an official music video.

Speaking to Jaal on the project, he told us: “Trinity is a sonic representation of my mind, body and soul (hence the title), with ‘Fiji’ making up the soul aspect. I wanted to capture what my soul sounded like at the time, from the beat to the lyrics, and to me, that was vibrant and playful— possessing a lot of energy. Even how it was written was of the same essence.

The track deals with themes of self-sufficiency, with Jaal moving like a one-man army (“on my own, do this shit up on my own”). Directed by longtime collaborators 76M (Paul Huynh, Johnny Yayo & Frankie Fresco), the visuals are a depiction of the different aspects in Jaal’s life and those that mean the most to him.

“It was a hella dope experience making this one and so easy to create. I had so much fun bringing each scene to life, from the studio set up, to being in the car with my girl and then just wilding out with the homies and having fun, turning up, breaking & skating. Filming music videos definitely gotta be one of my favourite things in this music shit, bringing the song to life through visuals.”

Check out the video for ‘Fiji’ above and follow Jaal here for more.

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