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PREMIERE: Mela-D Bring the Energy on ‘State of Mind’.

The brand new duo hit hard on their debut track, set to leave their mark on the scene.

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Brand new tunes out of Rockhampton, Queensland today as a new dynamic duo, MELA-D gear up to release their debut single ‘State of Mind’ on Friday October 23, but have given us an exclusive of the music video a day early.

The group is made up of vocalist Shavinah, whos soulful tones complement the razor-sharp flow of Sari, the name MELA-D represents Shavinah and Sari’s rich and proud Melanesian (MELA) and Indigenous Darumbal (D) heritage. 
The vibrant, high energy music video for ‘State Of Mind’ was shot in multiple locations in the Byron Bay region and features special guest dancers Waangenga Blanco, Jaymen Drahm & Coedie Ochre Warrah. It’s a personal song for the duo, emphasising their vision for success, the mindset required to get there and a “no one left behind” attitude.

“We were already a few days deep into a creative lockdown session with the team before we started writing State of Mind. The beat is produced by Hazy, such a dope beat and mad producer, we instantly knew we had to write to it when he brought it to us. After 2 hours of working up ideas, something finally clicked, and before we knew it, we were 10 hours deep into the writing and recording process. Everything was flowing” said the duo.

Follow MELA-D here for more and check out the video above.

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