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PREMIERE: Muka Vhatti Dives in the Deep End on ‘6FLOW’

The Perth-based artist returns with a slick visual to his wavy new single.

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As a young boy, Muka Vhatti arrived in Western Australia from Zimbabwe. Developing a love for music at an early age, he became inspired to create his own sound during his formative years in high school in Perth. Today, Muka finds his own voice through a sound he’s dubbed “Ocean TTrap”—creating raw and honest music, exploring themes of lifestyle, relationships and addiction.

2021 has been a period of introspection and development for Muka Vhatti, and having signed new management, Muka has teamed up with local producer Yyacku to present his new single ‘6FLOW’ – a track that proudly pays homage to his hometown of Perth.

“The samples you hear at the start and end of the track are actual recordings of a girl who was having quite an influence when I was writing this song. I thought it would add to the demo if we sampled the pre-dial voice message you hear before accepting a phone call from prison. Our shout out to the 6, the Perth city postcode, is a reminder of where we are from. I love my city. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see the hidden treasures in Perth” – Muka Vhatti

Muka Vhatti’s Ocean TTrap movement is much more than a fresh sound, calling equally on a visual aesthetic that captures the movement and moodiness of the Indian Ocean, the remoteness of Perth, and the other-worldliness of the Western Australian landscape. Muka has collaborated with local videographer Nathen Simich to create a hyper-real trip into a day in the life of Muka Vhatti, eschewing the normal cliched trappings of a hip-hop video and with Perth itself as the in-bloom star of the visual production for 6FLOW.

Follow Muka Vhatti here for more and stream ‘6FLOW’ above.

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