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Premiere: Oscar Key Sung’s sprawling, orchestral rework of ‘Simple Luv’

Oscar Key Sung performs an intimate and indulgent homage to Arthur Russell and ASMR.

Earlier this year Oscar Key Sung released his No Disguise EP, which opens with the single‘Simple Luv,’ an intimate pop serenade that riffs on the idea that when you die, a highlight reel of your life flashes before your eyes.  In this rendition, Oscars sings “With a smile on my face I can watch it all back like a – flash,” over the sound of a live cellist and trumpet player.

Simple Luv is a day dream,“reflecting on a beautiful life soothed by love as an old worn out person.” The video, which Oscar describes as “a dizzy vision of decadence and luxury” is an ode to Arthur Russell’s lo-fi aesthetic. Shot on an old VHS handycam, the footage takes us on a tour through Oscar’s most sensual reference points, exploring everything from ASMR to the pleasures of food, creating a highlight reel that makes you listen with your whole body. This is “hard out hedonism in its most un-self-conscious and irrational form,” he says.

Featuring oysters, cherry blossoms and chandeliers, the visuals are closer to a timeworn renaissance painting than a music video. Dedicated to his grandmother and sculpted by a production crew of his closest friends, this intimate collaboration is an offering to the senses not to be denied. Watch below.


Cello Anita Quayle
Trumpet Oscar O’Bryan
Camera Shannon May Powell
Styling Vy
Sound Recording Ruben Stoney
Video Edit Joshua Christman
Shot at Collingwood Arts Precinct, with thanks to Aoyama Archive

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