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Prettyboy D-O’s Guide to the Alté music scene.

Fresh from releasing his new EP Wildfire, Prettyboy gives us his picks of the best artists from the Nigerian underground.

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Prettyboy D-O has been on our radar for a minute now, the Nigerian-Born, Los Angeles-based musician has impressed us over the last couple of years with dancefloor-ready tracks like ‘CHOP ELBOW’ and smooth mood-setters like ‘Pull Up ft. Santi’, showcasing his own unique spin on Nigeria’s undeniably rich musical style and representing a new group of Nigerian musicians who are revamping the nation’s musical DNA. This new movement has been dubbed ‘Alté’, meaning ‘alternative’ and is comprised of a diverse array of styles, drawing on the sounds of modern afrobeats, dancehall, indie, hip-hop, r&b and more.

We caught up with Prettyboy D-O, fresh off the release of his newest EP Wildfire, to get his picks from the Alté music scene.

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01. Mojo

The first day I heard this kid I knew he was special. Minus his skill and musical range, his rawness is what makes me a fan of him. A vivid storyteller who perfectly captures the lifestyle of a Lagos youth. It’s a very unique sound, almost like Lagos drill music.

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02. Wani

The ladies man. A future Nigerian R&B goat. Dropped his first project in 2018 independently and took the industry by storm. His voice and delivery are beyond his years.

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03. Buju

I just found out about him last year, but his sound and style is very unique. He is Burna Boy’s first artist so the future is very bright for him.

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04. Gigi Atlantis

Found out about her last year too. She has a very different style and I’ve heard her on two records (her single with Boj and Fasina and her ‘Body Count’ record with Odunsi). She’s got something going!

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05. Higo

One of the key producers, if not the most key to the scene. My secret weapon and he’s only 21. He’s produced my biggest records and is also an artist himself. He was only 18 when he produced my record ‘Pull Up’ with Santi.

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06. Zilla Oaks

One of Abuja’s brightest youngsters. We have two records and is one of the biggest young rappers from the North.

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07. Aylø

An artist with his own sound and whole world . He’s very diverse, a ladies man who also drops some very macho music, but softly.

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