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Eminem was lined up to play at the London Summer Time festival in July before the Royal Family pulled the plug on his Hyde Park performance. Turns out the Queen isn’t such a huge Slim Shady fan.

An insider reportedly told The Mirror, “Eminem is a controversial artist, whose lyrics have been accused of being homophobic, provocative and pretty sweary.

“So there has been some debate about whether The Royal Parks will rubber-stamp any agreement to play there. He’s a huge name, and would be a great draw for fans, but it may not be the right image for the parks if he’s effing and blinding on stage.”

Eminem’s response? “That’s mean, man. It kinda hurts my feelings.” Aw, poor bub. But all is not lost for the Rap God, he is still set to play at Wembley Stadium in July, and he will be the first ever rapper to headline the stadium. “I heard that I wasn’t going to be approved to play in Hyde Park and it made me even more excited to play in London this summer. The easiest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it. Thanks to the Royal Parks for making it all possible… for Wembley.”


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