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Weekly updates

So, R. Kelly has just released an autobiography entitled….Soulacoaster – the Diary of Me. Wow. Let’s take that one in for a minute… okay I’m good.

It’s split into three parts… Act I – Back in the Day chronicles his life in the South Side of Chicago and his childhood path towards music. Act II (Getting Busy) and Act III (In the Ring) tell of his rise to fame and his fight with, er…sexual and financial temptations.

Yeah, yeah… but will it tell of any of the juicy, fucked up ‘R Kelly’ bits?
Well, apparently not.

It’s no tell-all. But rather carefully-selected-parts. There’s no mention of that sex tape that nearly sent him to prison, nor a singular mention of Aaliyah and his alleged married to her when she was 15 years old.

Sounds like a PR friendly bore-fest to me. What’s the point of an R Kelly autobiography when it’s none of that crazy shit. Still, if for some reason you’re still interested (really… you are?) you can read an excerpt of it here. Fasten those seatbelts, as you’re about to take a ride on the SOULACOASTER…