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When Bow Wow toured Australia earlier this year (a club tour, mind you), few could have guessed that he’d soon be kickin’ it with Salim Mehajer, the most cashed up deputy mayor this country has ever seen. Too Real, Bow Wow’s latest single with Australian producer DJ Willi dropped earlier this week and apparently the music video will feature Bow Wow getting down on Mehajer’s marble staircase with a bunch of women in lavish clothing.

While this is nothing more than the usual hip-hop music video fare, you’ve got to wonder why Salim Mehajer got involved. Bow Wow has said that they needed to film the video ASAP, which meant sourcing a Ferrari and a marble staircase, obviously. Enter Salim Mehajer, who had both of those things and more. ICYMI, Mehajer has been slammed over his ridiculously over the top wedding, and accused of abusing his position as deputy mayor to green light his property development business.

Flashing his loot around isn’t going to do Mehajer any more favours, but at least we might get a kinda cool video out of it. You can listen to Too Real in the gallery above, as well as Salim Mehajer’s hilarious pre-wedding video.

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