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In this battle of the brains, Lil Golo (Cult Shotta) and Marty Bugatti (Triple One) face off against Melbourne duo Posseshot in a battle of the minds to see who is the smartest rapper in Australia. Can Golo and Bugatti take down Posseshot and win the Red Bull Rap Royale? Watch and find out!

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Welcome to Red Bull Rap Royale, the show where we crown the smartest rappers in Australia, and the losers are humiliated on the internet forever!

A partnership between Acclaim Magazine and Red Bull Media House, the Rap Royale series is the Australian adaptation of the hit French series Red Bull Rap Jeu, which sets out to pit a who’s who of Australian rap supremos against each other in the ultimate quiz for unprecedented glory.

Hosted by Christopher Kevin Au (aka 24 Karat Kev), episode two features teammates Lil Golo (Cult Shotta) and Marty Bugatti (Triple One) facing off against Melbourne duo Posseshot. Check it out now!

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