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Rewind 18 months ago and Peezo had just met Melbourne-based producer Cam Bluff by chance at a party. After quickly becoming friends, he approached him with a vision of creating a project that reflected its title Old School Futuristic 2. After countless hours spent crafting the tracks with Cam in his studio, that exact EP is here and I was lucky enough to have a listen just before its release.

To begin with, the Byron-born MC’s energy has completely lifted since his earlier works. His first single from the EP, ‘Here Now’ is a summertime anthem and with Cultra helping out on the hook, this track is played best on a summer road trip with mates or relaxing at the beach. Peez mentions his influences and what he’s learnt most from them: “sky is the limit, I learnt that from Biggie, how to grind all the time, learnt that from Diddy, how to treat a girl right, learnt that from Drizzy”. He perpetuates his theme of moving on from the past as he cleverly states his motive to succeed in rap, Peezo is ‘Here Now’.

In conversation, he voiced his opinion on the risk of selling music for the first time and what that was like for him, “Everything is a risk but I worked really hard on it and know that people will pay for quality music so I started my own label and now we’re here doing this independently.” After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

‘Girl I Know’ is a love song—in fact, there are a few love ballads on his EP. Distancing itself from a regular love song, this one is accompanied by the explicit hook, “this a song about a girl I know… all my homies say, ‘Hey bro, you should let her go’”. Peezo’s poetic and romantic lyrics are at the centre as he explains how most young love falls apart because of the lack of readiness and maturity.

When I asked Peezo how it felt to finish the EP, he explained, “There was never a point where I knew it was finished because I had an extra song I was working on that I scrapped last minute. I guess once that happened I was like ‘Damn, it’s done’ and it felt good, really good.” And good it was, the eight-track sequel EP features a very recognisable line-up including Allday, Cultra and a five-minute anthem with the 90’sRD members Baro, Marcus and Charlie Threads.

As an artist who places reflection above all, Peezo has explored in his music that he’s ready to be taken very seriously as a prominent member in the rise of the Aussie rap game.

Don’t lose sight of Peezo. Old School Futuristic 2 is available now.

Words: Lostkeyz (Doron Losky)

Photography: Aleksandar Jason

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