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Rich The Kid’s guide to ruling the world

From the depths of LiveMixtapes to the forefront of mainstream hip-hop, Rich The Kid is aiming for global domination

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It’s not every day you wake up with a platinum record on your hands. The thought of a piece of art you’ve made resonating at such a high scale can be daunting to some, leaving them anxious about how they’ll meet expectations. In the last 2 years alone, we’ve seen several artists crumble in the wrath of public opinion, forcing them to peak before they ever truly began. For Rich The Kid, however, it’s just another step on his journey to ruling the world.

I talked to Rich The Kid the day after his single ‘Plug Walk’ obtained that prestigious platinum plaque. This was his second platinum single following ‘New Freezer’ with Kendrick Lamar, and his first without features. After almost a decade’s work, seven solo mixtapes and eleven collaborative mixtapes, it was finally time for Rich to celebrate.

“It’s truly a blessing man, there’s no other way of putting it. I’m blessed,” says Rich in a cool, collected tone, while stepping into his Maybach – a gift to himself. As someone formerly known as the fourth member of the Migos, Rich’s idea of celebrating is different to your average rapper. He wasn’t hungover from the club and he wasn’t sleep-deprived from a night in the studio. He maintained a single-minded focus on success. Every day was a new opportunity for him to conquer in his globetrotting aspirations. “My day consists of waking up, doing interviews, doing shows and repeating that. It can be tiring, but it’s cool. I’ve got a family to feed,” he says.

The rinse and repeat method has been a part of Rich’s ascent since his first mixtape, released in 2013, Been About The Benjamins. His business plan initially revolved around testing the waters. That was, until he flooded the market with banger after banger. This resulted in collaborations with the likes of the Migos, Carnage and Young Thug throughout his rise to fame. But not only has Rich funneled his way into global acclaim; he’s set the blueprint for artists to follow in his footsteps.

“The best way to get your name out there today is to release your music on Soundcloud, Spotify and all the other streaming services out there,” he says.

“There’s going to be doubters, but you gotta’ grind to get somewhere.”

It’s Rich’s bulletproof work ethic that has to led us to his debut album The World Is Yours. It’s the culmination of a man who has always been hungry. Not only for the music but to have the planet cupped in his hands. With a bold album title and so many eyes darting towards his next move, you’d think Rich would take a fresh approach to his first album. But as they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. “I didn’t change anything about my process for this album. I just went to the studio, played the beats and rapped over them,” Rich says.  

However, his perspective has been subject to some changes. It’s common knowledge that as your brand grows, the people around you can change – it’s a butterfly effect. An artist’s vision can become blurry within the confines of the industry. That’s why Rich keeps a tight circle, only collaborating with those he considers friends within the hip-hop game. “My favourite feature on the whole entire album is the Migos, there’s no question. They’re family, and never doubted my success,” he says.  

A small circle in a large industry is also what led Rich to start his own label Rich Forever. Boasting artists like Jay Critch and Famous Dex on his roster, it seems like Rich and his empire are completely shielded from a fear of failure.

Industry juggernauts, Interscope Records have recognised the power behind Rich and his business ventures. With Rich remaing in control, Interscope have secured a multi-million dollar deal to globally distribute Rich Forever’s music. What once served as extra money in his pocket is now spreading his name across continents.“At Rich Forever, we look for people who have the image, talent and style, and we turn them into superstars,” Rich says. “That’s what makes us different.”

From the depths of LiveMixtapes to the Billboard charts, Rich The Kid has proved that hard work creates good luck. His grind is unmatchable, as he wakes up every day with the intention of outdoing himself. Although The World Is Yours only dropped little over a month ago, Rich is already working on new material. When pressed for more, he simply replied ‘just watch’ – a statement that sums up his whole career. Rich The Kid is not a man of many words. He’s a man of action. With platinum plaques, a successful label and a focused mindset, Rich The Kid is set to have the music world in a chokehold.

Listen to Rich The Kid’s album ‘The World Is Yours’ 

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