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Since 2010, the doctor Ozzy Osbourne was in, as Rolling Stone‘s monthly advice columnist, answering readers’ questions about health, sex and relationships, with inappropriateness, random prose and the sporadic glittering pearl of wisdom. The advice to Rolling Stone and The Sunday Times readers from “rock’s ultimate survivor” led to a surprising book deal and has been pretty beneficial for the ageing rocker.

Now it’s the Boss’s turn, as Rick Ross adds Agony Aunt to his resume, featuring in this month’s Rolling Stone as a surprise successor. Rolling Stone readers are encouraged to ask the rapper questions pertaining to work, love, life and school to [email protected].

The first editorial has some legit responses amongst less credible advice, like going into ‘boss mode’ (whatever that means). Time will tell if Rick Ross can add published author to his resume. See below for the full feature.


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